4 Golden Rules of Nutrition

Throughout my life I have found that these simple rules will add value to the knowledge one gains in reference to nutrition. They are as follows:1. Have a Basic Understanding of Nutrition
2. Development of Personal Connection to Nutrition
3. Obtain a Trusted Licensed Opinion
4. Become Dedicated to the Application of your InsightA basic understanding of nutrition is vital in order to build a solid network in a health & wellness like atmosphere. Nutrition is defined as the act or process of nourishing, or of being nourished. It is also considered the science or study of, nutrition, (especially in humans.) Gaining a basic knowledge of nutrition concepts is extremely important. This leads to the development of a personal connection to nutrition. This may come as no surprise; however, you are what you eat. If that is not enough encouragement for an individual to take nutrition into consideration, I am not sure that this person will ever get motivated. The development of a personal connection can only sincerely be applied with first a basic understanding of nutrition. (All of this interlocks)The next rule is obtain a trusted licensed opinion. Never just trust the knowledge you have gained today. Always consult with your primary care physician before making any serious considerations of changes to high-risk activity. Finally, the last rule is to become dedicated to the application of your insight. It is through application that you will gain the knowledge necessary to reach your fitness goals. At This point you experience the fun part, all of your research is now put to practice. Stay dedicated, do not just start and regress back to a simpler time because you will not achieve your goals by starting and stopping.In conclusion, my first rule states that an individual should gain a basic understanding of nutrition. I personally consider this point valuable because it will give you leverage when you are trying to map out your overall fitness goals. Rule two recommends that this individual develop a sense of personal connection with their stated nutritional goals. This is important because you never want this to just be a “JOB”, health and wellness is a lifestyle decision. Make it personal. Rule three reminds all visitors that despite how great a regime is, please consult with your primary care physician before engaging in any changes in physical or nutritional activity. Lastly, rule four is put your plan into action. This is where you get to make your steps towards your nutritional goals.